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Meet Maci!

Hi friends! Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all as we navigate these unprecedented times. And we do not just mean that in a general way. We literally are thinking and praying for YOU daily.

We know that good news has been few and far between lately so we wanted to share something beautiful happening here at Radiant Hope, and her name is Maci! As we prepare for our upcoming fundraiser and yearly events, it was becoming more and more clear that we needed some extra help on the back end of things, especially organizing our social media accounts. Maci worked with us her senior year of college and just happened to reach out to us a few months ago at the perfect time. Maci is a graduate of Messiah College and is currently at Shippensburg University studying for her master's degree in higher education. We asked Maci to share with us a bit of her heart for Radiant Hope.

"I have so much admiration for this organization. When faced with a seemingly hopeless situation like cancer, something I believe patients and caregivers long for above all else is support; knowing they are surrounded by people who care and want to walk alongside them. The work Radiant Hope does for the cancer community is amazing.

I worked for Radiant Hope during my senior PR campaign class. A year later, I felt the desire to volunteer for a nonprofit in some capacity. As a graduate student, my schedule is often busy, but I thought helping with something like social media was manageable. I remembered Radiant Hope from class, and so I reached out to Joanna to see if I could help in any way. Hopefully, my assistance with social media increases Radiant Hope's awareness and furthers their mission!"

When you see our Instagram and Facebook posts, know that this girl is at the other end, working so hard to support us in every way she can! We are so thankful for her!

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