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Our Mission

Our mission at Radiant Hope is to support and encourage those whose lives have been impacted by cancer

Radiant Hope is a 501c(3) non-profit organization started by Joanna and her friends after her diagnosis of Stage 3 Malignant Metastatic Melanoma. Established in 2015, Radiant Hope is passionate about providing a vision of hope in the midst of impossible circumstances.  

Our Vision: 

  • To love the way we were loved first 

  • To comfort others in the way which we were comforted 

  • To listen well to the cancer community and those whose lives are impacted by it

  • To instill hope and make a positive difference in the lives of people touched by cancer


Our Mission:

  • To support and encourage those whose lives have been impacted by cancer


Our focus:

  • Sending care packages to survivors and caregivers

  • Praying over each package recipient

  • Delivering water bottles with gift cards and essential goods, to hospital infusion and waiting rooms

  • Sitting with and listening to those impacted by cancer

  • Bringing community together 

  • Providing an online support community

  • Hosting events to pack our boxes and tell our story

  • Providing needs and gifts to families who has a parent in active treatment through our Holiday Hope Program

  • Providing forever memories through photography to families facing cancer

  • Allowing those who have experienced cancer to pay it forward by encouraging another in their journey

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