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Meet Our Newest Team Member!

Hi all! My name is Elizabeth Petters, but most everyone calls me Lizz! Why the two z's you ask? My 6th grade self spelled it that way and out of respect for her and all that she was navigating in those middle school years, I never changed it.

This is my family to the left. My hubby of 5 years, Eric, our sweet 16 month old Lilah, and our highly energetic dog Max. Radiant Hope's mission Has been a part of our lives since the very beginning, because Joanna and her family have been intertwined into our lives in a way that this post can't quite express. More on that story later!

You will see me around here from time to time as I manage the Radiant Hope blog and share as many meaningful stories and pictures as I can both here and on our our social media outlets. Make sure that you follow us!

Lastly, In an attempt at full disclosure and vulnerability, Our fam rarely looks as put together as we do in the staged picture above. Usually we are messy buns, PJs, and lots of tears. Thankful for it all.

Feel free to check out my personal blog where I blog about faith and motherhood as vulnerably as I possibly can

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