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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Pack Party? 

A: Each month, Radiant Hope sends out care packages to cancer patients and caregivers, bringing support and encouragement during difficult times.  Volunteers partner with Radiant Hope to host a party to assemble and pack these care packages. It’s a fun way to gather with friends and family that provides hope to those in need!


A pack party can consist of 24 or 12 boxes to pack. At this time we do not do more than 24.  

A water bottle packing party follows these same guidelines. 

Q: Who do I invite to a Pack Party? 

A:   Gather anyone you know who would love to support Radiant Hope! You are the host, it’s your party!  These are a few examples of groups we’ve had partner with us:

  • Friends and families

  • Sports teams

  • Church groups

  • Civic organizations

  • Businesses seeking service opportunities  

  • Any other group that would want to get together and pack boxes! 


Q: What are the responsibilities for a Pack Party Host? 

A: Pack Party Hosts do the following:

  • Connect with Radiant Hope to schedule the party.

  • Invite friends and family to participate.

  • Send the list of what your guests need to bring. 

  • Organize gathering/purchasing package materials.  A Time to Sign Up will be provided by Radiant Hope to help you and your guests purchase what will go into the boxes or the water bottles. 

  • Host the party!  Have fun!  Every party looks a little different, and as a host, you can make yours special in its own way!


Q: Where do the package items come from? 

A: Pack Party participants and Radiant Hope collaborate together to provide items for the packages.

Radiant Hope provides:

  • Packing Box

  • Water Bottle

  • 50 Days of Hope Devotional

  • Verse cards

Pack Party Participants MUST provide: (and this will be on your time to sign up sheet given to you)

  • Items listed on the time to sign up. Lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer, loofa, mints and gum, etc

  • Shipping costs for each box packed

  • Donation to cover the cost of the water bottle


After you sign up to host a Pack Party, someone from Radiant Hope will reach out and schedule a time for you to pick up the provided items. 

Q: What If I cannot get all the items we need for a party? Is there something else I can do to help?

A: YES! You can have guests donate gift cards to be send to families facing cancer, or collect monetary donations to help our other programs at Radiant Hope. 

Q: Can I do more than 24 boxes or water bottles?

A: NO. At this time we have to match our packing party inventory with the requests we receive for boxes. As we grow we may change this but for now 24 packages is the perfect amount for you and for us! Instead of more boxes consider adding something special to each packages, or a gift card. 


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