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Leadership Team

Joanna Dennstaedt

Executive Director and Founder

Joanna is our founder and executive director. Radiant Hope is more than a ministry, it is her calling. She leads our community engagement and outreach projects. Joanna loves telling her story through speaking, and listening to those facing a difficult cancer diagnoses. She loves spending time with the team dreaming of the impact Radiant Hope can continue to make. 

Jenn Wagner

Executive Assistant 

Jenn brings organization, leadership, and a heart for people to Radiant Hope. Jenn assists our executive director and our leadership team. Behind the scenes Jenn is aiding in all of the programs that we are running. We are excited to have Jenn as part of our team! 

Jen Metz

Director of Operations

Jen has been significant in the growth and vision of Radiant Hope. She has a hand on everything we do as a team. She puts together the list of recipients each month that receive our packages.  Jen also heads our Holiday Hope program, runs our fundraiser silent auction, and helps with daily operations.

Lauren Grace

Hospital Outreach

Lauren joins our team after volunteering in many aspect for years. She has heart to see the community help pack our water bottles and get them into the hands of cancer patients in treatment. She helps coordinate hospital sponsorships and works with doctors and social workers to build up a network to surround patients and bring hope into their journey. 

LAuren water bottle .jpg

Meg Bernstein

Outreach Coordinator 

 Meg sets up pack party events and coordinates all of our community packing. Out and about you will usually see Meg as the runner for our organization often connecting others to Radiant Hope and sharing our story. Meg brings a wealth of knowledge with her since serving on the LLS board and being a part of their organization. 


Tahva Wylie

Holiday Hope Volunteer

Joining our team in 2017 Tahva brings a wealth of knowledge along with a compassionate and caring spirit. She helps on the leadership team with various tasks. 

Claudia Barker

Social Media Intern

Claudia documents, photographs, and shares the work that Radiant Hope does to several online platforms. You can usually find her asking people to be in videos or let her snap a quick picture! Always energetic and with an eye for design, she puts her creative skills to great use for our organization.


Alicia Ewer

Event Planner

Alicia Joined our team in 2021 but she has always been a part of Radiant Hope. Alicia is our event planner and heads up all planned events that we take part in. Her enthusiasm and expertise helps us launch our fundraiser each year and other community events. 

Alicia Galino

Family Respite Care Coordinator 


Megan Baker

Family Support Coordinator

Megan joins Radiant Hope to work in Family Support. Through the years, Megan has worked in various ways to support people on a cancer journey. Megan has worked in child life with children and adults battling cancer and wants to help families in their time of need. Megan works with local photographers and families to take special pictures to create memories to last forever. In addition to Radiant Hope's Photography Program, Megan also works on special family projects for Radiant Hope.

Kevin Dennstaedt

Director of Financial Operations

 As Radiant Hope's Director of Financial Operations, Kevin is responsible for the financial stewardship of the organization, including capital and operating budgets, financial affairs, reporting, and donor management.

Kayte Restaino

Philadelphia Area Chapter 

Kayte Restaino joined Radiant Hope with the vision to impact more than the local community. Kayte is focused on developing the organization in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

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